Write Like Tarzan

When it come to writing copy for products or landing pages, I write like Tarzan. This is something that helps myself and content writers remain succinct and as focused as possible.

Me Tarzan
Clear right? In the least number of words possible. Not cute in anyway – unless you are Jane. It’s not so much as the structure of the sentence, it’s the message. The reader or listener gets it. No subhead or explanation required.

When writing copy for products or landing pages, I suggest content writers I work with to write like Tarzan. Boil ideas down to as few words as possible – they don’t have to be grammatically correct. They just need to communicate clearly. Take these phrases then, and polish them up while remaining true, without losing or adding to the original phrase.

Take the “Me Tarzan” phrase for instance. One way to do it would be “I’m Tarzan”. Adding to it would be “Hi there! They call me Tarzan, king of the jungle”. Cute but a little too verbose and does not create quite the impact and adds unnecessary context.

In no way am I suggesting creative writing does not convert or communicate or worse yet, isn’t required. In fact its just the opposite. Write like Tarzan concept is something I follow as it helps anchor the message of the page. Take the phrases and fix them. Compare the new copy with the phrase. Is it just as clear? Is there anything unnecessary for the reader? Does it communicate clearly?

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