When presented with choices

Recent user studies with modal windows for email sign ups have shown that presenting the user with a “Yes Sign Me Up” and a “No, I don’t want email” have worked better than presenting one “Sign Up” button with a close icon at the top. When presented with two choices, the user makes an intentional click/decision.

So, in keeping that concept, I am currently testing presenting the user with two options, not choices, of a phone and chat icon at the bottom left. The original version is just a phone icon only on mobile. So far, the learning has been great. Users are interacting with the new version and making a choice whether to chat or to call.

In mobile views, the icons move to the bottom left – for easier thumb access.

Both options are getting more clicks and that results in a better user experience (apparently they wanted to chat and call) and also more leads. Win win!

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