Highlight Forms on Landing Pages

If you’ve read any blog on landing page optimisation, from Oli and Peep or any proven thought leader out there, they recommend highlighting the form background in your landing pages. But, don’t take their word for it. Testing this and seeing for yourself will impact you more than reading a blog and accepting someone else’ research.

After testing this theory, the results were pretty dramatic. What most research does not tell you is the “time to click” results. What I found, when making a form background unique, the user gravitates to the form and interacts much quicker. This is excellent! But, this raises a second issue.

If the user is ignoring the copy on the page and jumping to the form, it is then imperative to use a form heading and clear CTA on the button to add context to why the user is looking at the form.

The screenshot however does not display a form heading, this was before I learned that lesson!

Test. Test again.

You can use CrazyEgg to get heat maps and check the Time To Click feature to get a little deeper insight. Experiencing users leads to better user experience.

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