Basic Photoshop Etiquette

Here are just 3 basic "best practices" when working in Photoshop, even if you work by yourself. It is common sense but disregarded or blatantly ignored all the time.

  1. Name your layers and groups. Probably mentioned a billion times but just as many times is not followed. We've all seen "Layer 1 copy 20" too many times.
  2. Collapse groups and effects. If you leave your groups and layer effects opened you will end up scrolling through a layers panel till your index finger falls off. Even worse you are scrolling through someone else's file and they have multiple effects on every layer and about 10 layer groups. Collapse them all for better organisation.
  3. Delete unnecessary layers. Accidental blank text layers, layers that are not in use any more. It helps for better organisation and work flow if someone else has to pick up the document.

That's my three Photoshop rules for the week. Remember the basics!

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