AirWatch Pro

I saw the entire project from concept to completion – from meeting with business units to wireframing, mocks, design, and development. AirWatch Pro is a lite version of AirWatch and was required to follow the AirWatch brand guide with a little leeway in terms of UI & UX.

This was done from a 320 and up methodology using a custom CSS framework. I developed the UX for mobile first and then onto larger screens. Being that this was a new product, watching the video as an introduction was key to introducing the small business owner to the AirWatch Pro brand and capabilities.

The navigation adapts to the mobile audience, making it easily accessible. The video yet remains the primary objective. Also the thumbnail was removed for the video so as to keep the weight of page as light as possible so that the page loaded quickly even on 3G networks or slower.

Form design for AirWatch Pro. The form was designed for clarity and ease of use. The user could select the number of devices to see their cost update dynamically. This gave them the cost instantly in Euros and USD. In the address section, I ask the user for their Zip Code first – as soon as the user enters their zip code, the rest of their location is gleaned from that – making it super quick to fill in the form.

Also the Card information follows familiar credit card patterns where the user fills in their card number and the card type is auto detected.

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