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I'm Conrad Abraham from Atlanta Georgia. I'm a Web Manager at Internap. I make research-based, informed UX, Content, SEO, and other marketing decisions.

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The importance of video recording users while testing

Sure, I’ve read a lot of articles on user testing and the importance of recording the sessions on video. Sure I have done that and have caught a lot of details. Recently however I caught one interesting detail that maybe I did not read about. We at Internap publish a weekly series called Ask the […]

Card Sorting

Information Architecture (IA) is key to users finding things on any website or app. Most times, the navigation is sorted by a marketing manager or a web designer in a what-makes-sense kind of way. I’ve done that. That is an excellent starting point. Most times, users have a different method of how navigation should be […]

Highlight Forms on Landing Pages

If you’ve read any blog on landing page optimisation, from Oli and Peep or any proven thought leader out there, they recommend highlighting the form background in your landing pages. But, don’t take their word for it. Testing this and seeing for yourself will impact you more than reading a blog and accepting someone else’ […]

Users Don’t Read.

A blog on the topic of Content strategy with the title Users Don’t Read. This is going to be interesting. Content strategy ranks high up on one of my favourite things to be part of. In chatting with our in house video content creator, I suggested we create a video series titled “Ask The Expert”. […]

When presented with choices

Recent user studies with modal windows for email sign ups have shown that presenting the user with a “Yes Sign Me Up” and a “No, I don’t want email” have worked better than presenting one “Sign Up” button with a close icon at the top. When presented with two choices, the user makes an intentional […]

AirWatch Pro

I saw the entire project from concept to completion – from meeting with business units to wireframing, mocks, design, and development. AirWatch Pro is a lite version of AirWatch and was required to follow the AirWatch brand guide with a little leeway in terms of UI & UX. This was done from a 320 and […]

Vector Monster

I was working on a logo that required a monster and got carried away with it. It ended up looking too much like Mike Wazowski, but not quite. Either way, I cannot use it. If you want the vector, have at it.

Bill from Rooster Radio had seen the rooster logo I created for a fictitious radio station and liked it. He left a comment on my blog and I emailed him back and we began working on a very quick revision of the original. I listened to and got a feel for what the music […]

The Romneys

Created this during the Presidential debate. Romney was flip flopping so much, I thought it was about time to create a brand of flip flops called Romneys. Download the vector flip flops, or not. Or, you can, maybe. Or never. How about now?